Brief History

Having been affiliated with Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), Dhaka; Akij Engineering Institute(AEI) under Akij Group was established on 2012 with a view to operating higher & mid-level academic courses on Science, Engineering & Technology. Since inception Akij Engineering Institute has been successfully operating various academic courses. The college is absolutely free from student politics in order to maintain proper academic environment..

Our Journey

The college started its journey on 2012 with only 70 students & 02 faculty and 10 members, officers & staff. At present the number of students is about 600 & 7 departments & the number of faculty members, officers & staff is more than 25. Students from different districts of the country have been studying in Akij Engineering Institute at the moment. The total floor area of the college which is housed in 03 buildings is about 5000 sq ft. Construction of this building up to 03 storied has been completed.

Akij Engineering Institute has been passing its 7th year

Upon successful completion of 05 years the Akij Engineering Institute has been passing its 06th year. Since inception the college never practiced the traditional system of education; rather it advanced through its own innovated way which is termed as `Career Friendly Education. The college wants to explore the hidden potentialities of a student in order to make his/her life full-fledged. The policy & the system of education followed by the Akij Engineering Institute have been accepted by the students & their guardians which can be guessed to see the students from different districts of the country joining the AEI.

Again considering the parameters like infrastructural facility, number & quality of teachers, officers & staff, types of curriculum, supervision of students, linkage with guardians, accountabilities of teachers & students, co-curricular club activities, library, educational inputs & lab equipment, student's transportation, recreational & study tour and other facilities, provision of scholarships/stipends/prizes, job searching assistance etc. the AEI has turned into the largest private leading engineering college of the country long before.