Wing Commander (Retd.)



Advisor, AEI & AISC

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’-Nelson Mandela.

If you see the “Moon”, you see the beauty of Almighty, if you see the “Sun”, you feel the power of Creator, if you see the mirror, you see the best creation by the Allah.

It is the Education that enables one to feel, sense the eternal acts of The Benevolent, Most Merciful-Almighty Allah (S).


It takes someone special to be an educator; a person who cares for others, and aims to help students grow to their fullest potential. The best teachers are capable, dedicated and hardworking, along with having an interest in making a substantial difference in the future of children.


Despite having lot of developments in many sectors, the country is in a critical juncture due to moral acts by our new generation. All these devil deeds have surrounded our new generation like an Octopus in badly manner. This is because of our educational sectors have become more of commercial than professionalism. Teachers are interested more of coaching instead class taking for making money. Character building of students has just been miserably ignored by educators.


Late Sk. Akij Uddin had a dream to establish such kind of institutions which is not banner and festoon prone rather true in sense. His successor, founder of Akij Ideal School and College/Akij Engineering Institute-Sk. Nasir Uddin, Chairman, AG (CIP) has been relentlessly trying to make his father’s dream comes true.


Akij Ideal School & College & Akij Engineering Institute has grown up with an aim to develop and build future leaders in true sense.